A2DP profile issue in iOS 4.3 and 4.3.1

Apparently, iOS 4.3 introduced a bug – carried over to iOS 4.3.1 – in A2DP Bluetooth profile. The symptom of this bug is uneven sound: the left side is quite noticeably louder than the right. Your headset’s additional features – my new Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth Stereo Headset has bass booster and stereo widening – may also fail. I found a way to get around this irritating problem. The solution is to let the headset initiate the Bluetooth connection to iPhone (or iPad).

I am assuming the headset has already been paired with iPhone. I am using the BH-905i but these steps should work with any Bluetooth headsets with A2DP support.

  1. Enable Bluetooth on iPhone.
  2. Turn on headset by pressing and holding the Multi-function button until you hear the tone indicating its ON status.
  3. Check iPhone to make sure headset is not connected.
  4. Press the Play button on the headset. This should connect the headset with iPhone and you will not encounter the bug.

This previous step will only work if iPhone was the last device connected to the headset. If the headset was connected to another device earlier, pressing the Play button will only make it try to connect to that device. Follow the next few steps.

  1. If the headset is connected to the previous device, disconnect them.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth menu on iPhone and select the headset to initiate a connection.
  3. When the connection is made, turn off Bluetooth on iPhone.
  4. Wait for a few seconds – i suggest at least 5 seconds – then turn Bluetooth on again on iPhone.
  5. Make sure headset is not automatically connected to iPhone. Press the Play button on the headset to initiate a connection. Once it’s connected, you are good to go!

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