Rule of law

I was led to believe that the U.S. is a country with a strong rule of law. That there is this thing called due process and anyone is innocent until proven guilty. But are we still a nation of law? So far, Wikileaks has not been convicted of a crime. In fact, it has not even been charged with a crime. This fact alone does not prevent invertebrate-like private corporations from terminating services for Wikileaks. Amazon stopped hosting web services for Wikileaks after receiving a phone call from a staff of Senator Joe Lieberman. Another Seattle-based firm Tableau disabled its service for Wikileaks in response to a public request by the same Senator. PayPal blocked Wikileaks payments and froze its account because of a State Department letter sent to Wikileaks. Mastercard and Visa halted payments to Wikileaks, most likely under pressure from the U.S. government. Post Finance, part of the Swiss postal service, froze Julian Assange’s bank account because he provided “false information” regarding his domicile when he opened his account. Remember, all these organizations were pressured not to service Wikileaks when it has not been charged with any wrong doing. Where is the rule of law we Americans so proudly proclaimed as a fabric of our nation? May be i should not have been all that surprise since this is the same country where the President can order Americans be assassinated without any due process.

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