EVA Air: The worst web and phone-based reservation system

Trying to make a reservation for a multiple-city trip involving Seattle, Taipei and Tokyo on EVA Air is like pulling teeth. The EVA Air online reservation system not only has one of the most user-unfriendly interfaces, it just plain does not work when you have to book a trip outside of the normal roundtrip between two cities. When i selected the option for Multiple Destinations Search, i was presented with screen that allowed me to choose up to six destinations. First trip, from Seattle to Taipei, that was ok. Second trip from Taipei to Tokyo (Narita), that worked. But when i tried to select the last portion of the trip from Tokyo back to Seattle, there was no option in “From” for any city in Japan. In fact, all the “From” choices are limited to Taipei, cities in China and several Southeast Asian countries. I can fly to Tokyo from Taipei but i can’t fly out of it???

EVA Air online reservation system for multiple-city trip: massive FAIL.

So i thought i would have better luck by calling EVA Air’s toll free number at 1-800-695-1188. As a former frequent traveler, i had contacted phone reservation system for numerous airlines and most, if not all, placed reservation at either the first or the second choice, as in “press 1 for …”, “press 2 for …”. But not EVA Air. I had to sit through the following choices before i finally heard the one for reservation, at number 7:

1. Flight arrival and departure information
2. Airport information for US and Canada
3. Local ticketing office information for US and Canada
4. Members enrollment and application form (what membership? EVA Air’s Evergreen Club frequent flyer membership?)
5. Evergreen Club application form (how different is this from the previous option?)
6. Members information and inquiry (again, what membership?)

After selecting option 7 and waited for no less than 10 minutes, i was finally put through to a person. After collecting information about my trip, i was put on hold again. When the EVA Air reservation “specialist” finally came back, i was told my trip was “special” and her system could not handle it. She suggested calling the Seattle ticketing office. Now if she has access to the same reservation system as the Seattle ticketing office, how would me calling that office make any difference?

EVA Air’s online and phone reservation system: massive FAIL.

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