America’s love affair with minivans

Until i have kids, i think i will never get this. What is America’s fascination with minivans? I understand that a minivan can typically carry more than 5 people comfortably, but why do first-time parents with one kid – yes, one as in uno, eins – think they need a freaking minivan? If you have three kids, a minivan may be appropriate. Two kids, just barely justifiable. What baby stuff that must be carried for one kid that will not fit a regular car like a four-door Honda Civic? A stroller? A car seat? Food, milk, extra clothing and baby wipes? You can’t fit these in a car?

I still remember growing up, my parents were able to pack all five of us in their tiny two-door Datsun. My siblings and i grew up fine. None of us became serial mass murderers and blame the society for all our ills because our parents deprived us of the safety and comfort of a big ass minivan.

Nowadays, i can’t drive a few blocks without getting behind some minivan (or SUV) and unable to anticipate slowdowns or problems ahead because it is blocking my view. Thanks a lot!


BrandonJanuary 26th, 2010 at 07:21

1. They are cheap.
2. They are family-friendly. Many have power doors that the driver can control, separate climate control for passengers in the back, lots of cup-holders, etc.
3. You obviously have no kids. Once you have kids you acquire every kid-gadget known to man because you think that you can’t raise your kid without them. They only way to haul all that crap is via minivan.

ktulaJanuary 26th, 2010 at 10:29

1. The cheapest minivan can’t be any cheaper than the cheapest four-dour sedan.

2. Lazy bastard.

3. Do you really have to bring that 5-ton Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler with you everywhere you and your kids go? How about that Melissa & Doug Grocery Store and Lemonade Stand? There is a place for all that stuff and it is called home.

JaimeJanuary 28th, 2010 at 23:06

I’ve heard several people saying that they feel safer driving a minivan, because in case of an accident, the other car will sustain more of the damage.
In other countries, the streets are narrower, and trying to find a parking space acts as a disincentive for large cars.
A curse on SUVs!

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