As a dog owner, there is nothing that upsets me more than seeing dog poo left by some lowlifes who enjoy the companion of their canine friends but are too lazy or too irresponsible to deal with what is required by law. I suggested earlier this year on how we can deal with those scumbacks, using a method pioneered by the Israeli municipal of Petah Tikva.


This morning, as i was walking Mango to the lawn in front of the Queen Anne Medical Associates building at the corner of W Mercer St and 2nd Ave W, i noticed another dog owner was already in the vicinity. Since i know how distracting it can be for some dogs to do their business when other dogs are nearby – Mango is one such dog – i decided to wait about 10 ft north of Mercer on 2nd Ave W. The black and tan dog was taking a dump when i looked round the corner to see if i should start taking Mango there.

To my utter disgust, the owner of the dog was walking away from the pile of fresh poo. I immediately walked around the corner toward them. When the asshole saw me, he immediately turned back and pretended like he was going to pick up that poo. I decided to let Mango on the patch of lawn about 20 ft away from them, all the while looking at the guy from the corner of my eye. Every so often, he would look in my direction, probably hoping that i would walk away so that he did not have to pick up his dog’s poo. But i refused to move. I was ready to confront him if he was going to take off without cleaning up. Eventually, after he fumbled around for 20 seconds or so, he realized that i was going nowhere. He had no choice but to pick up the poo.

Lower Queen Anne residents, if you see an Indian-looking male with a medium size black and tan dog, keep a close eye on him!

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