Gas mileage stats from Gas Cubby

A little over a year ago, i bought Gas Cubby for my iPhone. Gas Cubby is a handy little tool for figuring the gas mileage of my 2002 Audi A4. Since i bought the app, i have been religiously updating it each time i fill up my car. One very nice feature of Gas Cubby is its ability to generate gas mileage related statistics and graphs. So after a year, here are the gas mileage statistics and graphs for my car.

Gas mileage stats
Gas mileage statistics.

Really abysmal average MPG: 17.96 Miles per gallon. The low MPG can probably be explained by the lack of long road trip. Between last November and now, i only went on one long road trip (to Orcas Island). The maximum MPG of 23.54 was probably due to the Orcas Island trip.

Gas mileage over a year
MPG over a year.

The MPG graph indicates a gradual decline in MPG since April 2009. Prior to April 2009, i was living in West Seattle. On the days that i drove my car to work, more than half of the journey was spent on I-5 and local highway. Since April, i have been living in Queen Anne and i typically take the local routes. Even though the local routes are generally less congested, there are a lot of stop lights. It is clear that the frequent stop and go is not helping my car’s gas mileage.

Total gas expenses over a year
Total gas expenses over the year.

Gas price per gallon over a year
Gas price per gallon over the year.

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