Embarrassing Quicktime plug-in bug

I captured a 15-second video on my Apple iPhone. Synchronized it to Apple iPhoto. Created a Apple Mobile Me gallery using iPhoto. Guess what happened when i tried to watch the 15-second clip using Safari (on Apple’s latest OS offering Snow Leopard 10.6.1)? Safari completely froze, with the spinning beach ball. Where is the “Crash resistant” feature of Safari that is being touted by Apple? According to Apple,

Safari 4 in Snow Leopard is even more resistant to crashes. It turns out that the number one cause of crashes in Mac OS X is browser plug-ins. So Apple engineers redesigned Safari to make plug-ins run separately from the browser. If a plug-in crashes on a web page, Safari keeps running. Just refresh the page and get going again.

Safari did not crash but it's not responding, not even to a defibrillator.
Safari did not crash but it’s not responding, not even to a defibrillator.

My Safari session did not exactly crash but it was frozen like that piece of pork tenderloin i have in my freezer.

Quicktime Plugin for Safari - what a hog!
Quicktime Plugin for Safari – what a hog!

I then attempted to access the same video clip using Firefox on my MacBook Air. Same problem. Tried it unsuccessfully on my Mac Pro (upgraded to Snow Leopard just a few days ago). Same problem exists on Smelly’s MBP as well. Looking at Activity Monitor, it’s apparent that Quicktime Plugin for Safari is the culprit, consistently taking almost 100% of CPU while the frozen Safari is still running. The only way to get out of the frozen Safari is by performing a force quit, which is Apple talk for UNIX’s “kill -9”.

Ironically, i am able to see the video clip without any problem using Firefox on my Windows XP work notebook!

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