Tokyo: Musical door closing tone on the Fukutoshin Line

I was in a really good mood after leaving the Yakitori joint so i decided to ride from one end to the other on the Fukutoshin Line, the newest subway line in the Tokyo metro subway system. It is amazing what a few glasses of alcoholic drinks can do to you πŸ™‚ I had ridden on Fukutoshin Line earlier during the day and i noticed each station appeared to have its own musical door closing tone. I wanted to record the door closing music from each station and the only way to accomplish that was to ride from end to end. The Fukutoshin line goes from Shibuya (station F16) to Wakoshi (stations F01). As soon as the door opened at each station, i would hold up my iPhone to record the door closing music. A few passengers were giving me the strange look as i was holding my iPhone up but most simply ignored me. I discovered that only stations between F07 Senkawa and F16 Shibuya on the northbound line have musical door closing tone. The remaining stations have the normal non-musical door closing buzz. On the soundbound line, as i rode it to get back to the Higashi-Shinjuku station, F06 Kotake-mukaihara station, which did not have any music going northbound, has its own musical door closing tone. In fact, on listening to the musical tones later, i found out that the musical door closing tones are different on trains traveling northbound and southbound in the same station.

Anyway, here are the musical tones i recorded on my iPhone:

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