Update 6/19/2009 01:10:
iPhone 3G S: Finally leaving Louisville.
Finally, my iPhone is on its way to Seattle.

Update 6/18/2009 21:13:
iPhone 3G S: Finally out of exception status for good?
Finally, after not having any update for more than 24 hours, the status finally flipped from Exception to In Transit.

Update 6/17/2009 19:43:
iPhone 3G S: Delivery exception, again!
The delivery status changed again in the matter of a few hours. This time, not for the better.

Update 6/17/2009 15:20:
iPhone 3G S: Scheduled delivery date on 6/18 again.
The iPhone 3G S delivery saga continues. Looks like the “custom hold”, as described by a UPS customer rep, is no longer there and my iPhone 3G S is again showing a delivery date of 6/18, instead of the delivery date of 6/19 by 1030 as told by the same UPS customer rep.

Update 6/16/2009 23:19:
iPhone 3G S: Delivery exception
WTF!!! I, as in THE RECEIVER, never requested a hold. I want my iPhone 3G S now! Looks like Apple is making sure that everyone, including those that pre-ordered for delivery, will not get their iPhones until 6/19. That means i have to go to work on Friday instead of working from home. This sucks!

Update 6/16/2009 10:17:
Looks like i am getting my iPhone 3G S one day before it goes on sale.
iPhone 3G S: Delivery date

Update 6/15/2009 22:05:
iPhone 3G S: Shipped

iPhone 3G S order screen

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