Find My iPhone is live!

As widely reported, a feature to locate your iPhone, available only to subscribers of Apple’s MobileMe service, is live now.

There is now a new “Find My iPhone” icon on MobileMe’s Account settings page. Clicking on the icon takes me to the “Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe” page.

Find My iPhone page on MobileMe
Find My iPhone page on MobileMe.

A map powered by Google displays the approximate location of my iPhone. Since my first generation iPhone does not have any GPS-capability, the accuracy is based on the nearby Wi-Fi signals and cellular signal.

If i have lost my iPhone, i can send a message to my iPhone.

Find My iPhone: Display a message
Find My iPhone: Display a message.

The message shows up on my iPhone seconds later.

Find My iPhone: Message displayed on iPhone

The same message persists on the home screen even after iPhone is unlocked. It will only go away by pressing OK. The Display a Message tool also has the ability to play a sound on the iPhone for 2 minutes, even if the iPhone is on silent mode. I suspect this feature will be very handy for those who can’t remember where they have placed their iPhones at home.

Find My iPhone: Message on home screen.

Another feature available on the Find My iPhone page is the ability to perform a remote wipe of an iPhone. According to MobileMe, doing a Remote Wipe “will permanently delete all media and data on your iPhone, restoring it to factory settings.” I may give this a try later.

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