In with the new, out with the old

MacBook Air (late 2008)

I have been wanting to replace my 6-year old 17-inch Powerbook G4 1 GHz for quite some time. It had been extremely unstable since i installed Leopard on it. I frequently get Mac OSX’s equivalent of BSOD (Blue Screen of Death in the MS Windows world). I got tired of waiting for the updated MacBook Pro last year so instead of getting a portable replacement, i bought a Mac Pro to use as my web server. The Mac Pro has been working beautifully but it is no replacement for the portability of my Powerbook.

The past few months, i have been sifting through the local Craig’s list for a good deal on either a MacBook or a MacBook Air. Last Friday, i noticed a great deal on a barely-used second generation MacBook Air. I bought it from the seller on the same evening.

I was planning on giving my Powerbook to my younger sister so i thought if i re-install Tiger, i could help it gain back its stability. The Tiger re-install went well but as i was updating a Java package, it hung. No amount of reboot and resetting the PMU could revive it. Even when i was able to boot it up, it would hang almost immediately. My guess is one of the hardware components (probably memory) finally broke. I can’t figure out what is wrong since i can’t get it to run long enough to load the diagnostic tool.

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