A founding member of the Holy Land Foundation charity was given a 65-year sentence for “sending more than $12m to fund schools and social welfare programmes controlled by Hamas.” According to the prosecutors, “the humanitarian aid sent by the charity allowed Hamas to divert money to militant activities.”

U.S. law specifically banned the use of any portion of the $3 billion dollars we give Israel each year for the illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank but why is no one making the same argument that the $3 billion dollars sent by us allowed Israel to divert money to settlement activities?

In a review of tax records conducted by Reuters last year, it was determined that “at least 13 American organizations have been claiming charitable status as they have pumped more than US$35 million into the settlement enterprise over the past five years.” These organizations have claimed the tax exempt status because they are “charitable” organizations and the IRS responded that the groups are qualified if the funds go to “charitable, religious and educational purposes”. But that’s the exact claim made by founders of Holy Land Foundation and look where they have ended up.

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