iPhone 3.0 beta 2: Updates to CalDAV

iPhone 3.0 beta 2: Fetch option for CalDAV calendar and ICS subscription calendar

One thing that was not entirely clear in iPhone 3.0 beta 1’s implementation of CalDAV calendar and subscription-based calendar is the retrieval of data. It is more apparent in iPhone 3.0 beta 2 now.

iPhone 3.0 beta 2: CalDAV update option

The CalDAV calendar itself has an option menu for choosing either “Fetch” or “Manual”. According to this menu, “If Manual is selected, this account will only check for updates when the application is in use.” But there does not be a place to specify how often to fetch. Does it use the same Fetch frequency in the main Fetch menu? Not sure if this is set to “Fetch” and the main Fetch menu is set to “Manually”, which option does it default to.

One additional change to CalDAV is iPhone 3.0 beta 2 is the ability to edit CalDAV events on iPhone’s calendar. Previously in iPhone 3.0 beta 1, CalDAV events are read-only on iPhone’s calendar.


bjmApril 2nd, 2009 at 15:48

Thanks for all the info about the CalDAV support in 3.0. Do you know if it is possible to use a CalDAV subscription AND Activesync at the same time? If so this would be a great way to have both a home and work calendar at the same time.

ktulaApril 2nd, 2009 at 16:14


I have not used Activesync with my iPhone so i can’t really answer that question. But it is possible to have several calendars in iPhone 3.0 beta. I have a MobileMe calendar (which syncs up with the iCal calendar app on my Mac at home). Because i had problem in the past having duplicates calendar events in my attempts to sync up with both iCal and Outlook (on windows-xp notebook), i choose not to sync up my iPhone with my work Outlook calendar. In order to get the work calendar on my iPhone, i have tried using Google’s calendar sync tool on Windows but for whatever reason, not all the events appear. So i gave up on that idea. Then i realized that it is possible for google to import outlook-exported calendar (in the form of CSV file). So now, i have three calendars on my iPhone: MobileMe calendar, CalDAV calendar from Google Calendar, and another subscription-based calendar on MobileMe for birthdays (iPhone still can’t handle birthdays event from MobileMe).

In theory, i don’t see why you can’t get a CalDAV calendar and Activesync at the same time.

bjmApril 2nd, 2009 at 16:31

Thanks. I was asking because once you set up an Activesync account in iPhone 2.0, you can’t have a separate local calendar. You can have a MobileMe calendar with an Activesync calendar though.

So you haven’t tried using Activesync to sync your Google calendar? It works quite nicely on iPhone 2.0.

racApril 14th, 2009 at 11:08

I have both Exchange ActiveSync and CalDAV to a Google calendar working without a problem. The only slight issue is that if you want to connect another Exchange Server’s e-mail using this and IMAP for the mail, you won’t be able to handle meeting requests properly.

Aside from that, I’m using it and it works very well.

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