First victory of the season denied

We were so close.  We were leading the Loafers 2 – 1 with less than four minutes to go.  I made a crucial defensive mistake in missing the ball as i attempted to clear it and the Loafers tied it by a shot that was out of the reach of our goalie.

I joined Smelly’s Team Big Fish – a team sponsored by her employer Big Fish Games – last season.  I would say i played in about a quarter of the games in the summer league and in all the games that i participated in, we lost all of them.  Some of the losses were lopsided.

Last night’s game was our third game of the season.  From my perspective, i think this is probably the best game that i have played in.  We were passing well and were in control of the ball most of the time.  Going into half-time, we were actually leading the opposing team, the Loafers, 2 – 1.  This was actually the first lead that we have in all the games that i have played.

Smelly played her heart out last night.  Since only five women showed up for our team last night, the ladies had to play the whole 90 minutes without any substitution.  During the game, Smelly was able to challenge some of the opposing players and also was able to pass the ball well on many occasions.  She was even involved in our second goal.  Sebastien fired a shot from the left side.  The ball reflected off the right goal post and then bounced off the goalie into the goal.  Smelly was right next to the goalie when it happened so it was very probable that her presence caused the goalie to panic.  I have never seen Smelly play so well.  I am so proud of her!

As noted in Smelly’s comment, during the second half of the game last night, she took a direct shot on her face. The impact of the ball on her face could probably be heard within three blocks of the neighborhood. She continued to play regardless.

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SmellySeptember 26th, 2008 at 14:05

You forgot to mention the 2nd half Sebastien also kicked a ball in short distance to my face. I took that one hard for the team!

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