Relaxing Friday with Mango

I spent part of Saturday night and Sunday morning working so i get to take today off. By taking today off, it saves Smelly a few trips between work and her condo since i will be taking care of Mango.

Mango spooked by the construction noise coming from one of my backyard neighbors.

I took Mango for a walk around the neighborhood. For whatever reason, the first part of the walk along Hudson St has been the hardest. There is something along that portion of the walk that Mango does not like. I guess whatever that he’s having a problem with, he just has to get used to it. On our way on Dawson St walking toward California Ave, there are a few patches of healthy-looking lawn. Mango loves to walk on these few patches of grass. Mango took care of his business right there, both #1 and #2 simultaneously.

A few posts ago, i mentioned that Mango was losing his puppy hair. A coarser and longer hair has started taking over, beginning from his tail on. Other than his head, there are only a few small patches of puppy hair on his body.

You can see Mango no longer has any puppy hair on his back.

I spent part of the morning training Mango on the sit, stay, down commands. Mango is still not able or unwilling to go “down” on command, without having a treat or pretending to have a treat in my hand. He seems to be able to “stay” better now, at least he can remain sitting when i move backward away from him with a treat in my hand.

Mango in his donut bed.

Mango had been doing quite well with not peeing in the house. When i was eating my lunch, Mango walked near the closed backyard door. Because he was not sitting while facing the door, i did not think that he wanted to pee. No more than a few seconds later, Mango peed almost right in front of me. I had to lift him off the floor and put him in the backyard while he was still peeing. The pee pattern on the floor clearly indicated what i did. There was a big pool of pee and then there was a trail of pee all the way to the door πŸ˜€

Waking up from his afternoon nap.

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