Dyson DC24 sucks (literally)

The Dyson DC24 upright vacuum cleaner sucks. It really sucks big time. And that’s a good thing. I grew up using canister style of vacuum cleaners so i am normally not a fan of upright vacuum cleaners. I find them heavy, bulky and unsightly. My sister bought a Dyson DC18 recently and after borrowing from her for a test run at my place, i was amazed at the amount of dust it removed from my house.

Mango has been shedding his puppy hair lately so i am finding my old Eureka canister vacuum cleaner not quite up to the task of removing all of his loose hair. After reading some good reviews on Dyson’s DC24, the smallest model in dyson’s line of upright vacuum cleaners, i decided to make use of an expired 20% discount coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond for the vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC24 vacuum cleaner.

The DC24 is light and quite easy to use. It is still too big to use under my bed but the detachable wand and hose works just fine. Less than a week ago, i had just vacuumed my house with the Eureka. I am still quite amazed at the amount of stuff the Dyson is able to remove from my house.

Clear bin filled with dust, hair and other goodies.

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dyson dc24October 12th, 2008 at 15:01

Look at all that dust – The dc24 is a good little vacuum.

Just imagine the dirt the dc24 animal would have pulled up.

Its twice as powerful and made specifically for people with pets.

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