Finally, it happened

On arriving home after our weekly Co-Rec soccer match (we got beat 2 – 0), Smelly and i found the baby gate flat on the kitchen floor. Mango had busted out of his gated pen. The first thing that Smelly and i did was to make sure Mango did not pee in the house. The first floor, all hardwood, was clean. Then i took Mango out to the backyard to poo as i thought he had not taken his dump yet. Three hours earlier before we left for the match, i took him out for his customary after meal poo. I spent close to 30 minutes with him in the backyard but all he did was to pull, tug and chew on the leash.

After circling around the backyard for several minutes, it appeared to me that Mango did not seem to have any interest in dropping his load. It was when Smelly came downstairs and told me i could take Mango back in the house as she found a big pile of doo doo and a pool of pee in the hallway on the carpeted second floor. I was upset. There we were tired and sore from the match and we had to deal with his mess. There was no point disciplining or correcting Mango as we did not catch him at the moment he was doing it.

Mango: What ‘cha looking at? I did what i had to do, just not where and when you wanted me to.

Mango seemed to sense that we were not too happy with what he did. When he climbed up the stairs in his attempt to go up to the second floor again, he was chased down. After being yelled at for chewing on some shoes, he started whining, like what he normally does when he refuses to give in to my command for him to eliminate in the backyard.

But no one can get upset at this little bugger, at least not long. Mango and us made up later and everything is good now.

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