Mango’s second training session with Diane

Yesterday we, as in Mango, Janet and i, had our second training session with Diane. Diane brought along her training Doberman Fraser to assist during the one-hour session.

When Diane first let the 90-pound Fraser out of her car, Mango was quite apprehensive of his bigger friend.

Mango hiding behind me when being approached by Fraser.

In a matter of minutes, Mango became quite comfortable with Fraser.

Mango getting comfortable with Fraser.

During the training session, Diane reinforced the “sit” command from last week. In addition to the new “stay” command, she also showed us how to make Mango look at our eyes when we are calling him.

With the help of Fraser, Diane was able to make Mango walk on leash without him throwing a fit. I was amazed. Prior to this, Mango had never been able to be led by the leash without stalling. While Diane was leading Fraser, Mango followed right behind. I had to keep up with Mango since i was not being used to Mango walking in front of me!

Mango following Fraser. This exercise was intended to make Mango be comfortable walking on leash.

It was really a pleasure to work with Diane. She is very knowledgeable about dog behaviors. She knows exactly when Mango was wanting to play with Fraser and when Mango wanted to go potty. Halfway during the session, Mango started becoming a little “out of focus”, so Diane told us that Mango probably needed a bathroom break. As soon as i placed Mango in the backyard, he relieved himself with a pretty big pool of pee.

Mango and Fraser paying close attention to Diane.

The last exercise of the session was the “come” command. It was so fun to see Mango running at full speed when he listened to the command and was able to sit on command as well.

Mango running toward Diane during the “come” command exercise.

– Mango is now a lot more responsive to the “sit” command.
– The portion of his meals are being increased as he’s finishing all his food. This means he’s growing bigger πŸ™‚
– For the past few days, Mango had this habit of barking at us when we are preparing his meals, as if he was trying to tell us to hurry up. To correct this behavior, Diane told us that when Mango is barking to us again, we should just walk away and ignore him until he stops barking. This appeared to work the first time we tried it.

– Mango peed indoor, this time on the hardwood floor, in the evening after our visitors left. Normally when he wanted to pee, he would indicate that by getting close to the door to the backyard. Last night, he did that but at the front door instead. I paid no attention to that and consequently, i found a puddle of pee minutes later.

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