The streak is broken

Mango’s streak of not peeing in the house is finally broken. At around noon, after i came back home from my annual eye examination, i let Mango out of his crate. He seemed to imply that he wanted to go to the backyard. I had a conference call going on at the same time while i led Mango to the backyard. Mango seemed more interested in chewing little pebbles he found in the backyard than peeing. So i took him back inside. A few minutes later, while i was still on my conference call, Mango peed on the rug right in front of me. I was yelling “Mango Noooo!”, and everyone on the conference call heard me.

After that incident, it was another trip to the nearby Petco, the second trip in three days, to buy Nature’s Miracle cleaning product. Supposedly, Nature’s Miracle products can deodorize the problem area so that dogs don’t go back and relieve themselves in the same spots. After cleaning the affected area on the rug, i took Mango to Smelly’s condo to get him used to it since this is where he will be spending most of the day from tomorrow on.

On arrival, the first thing i did was to take Mango out for a walk. My intention was for him to eliminate. I think the heavy traffic in the area was probably taking away Mango’s attention so he did not pee. After taking Mango back to the condo, i set up a baby gate in the opening between the kitchen and the living room and placed Mango in the kitchen. Mango stood up and leaned against the baby gate, kind of like what he does when he wants to go to the backyard. I paid no attention since we just came back from our walk. Within a few minutes, Mango was peeing on the kitchen floor. It took me a while to clean up the kitchen floor as Smelly has no mop.

Mango getting used to city noise at Buckley’s.

We went back to my house later in the evening. I made the mistake of not letting Mango out to the backyard first. I barely started to train Mango to sit when he proceeded to pee. I stopped him immediately but it was a little late. Again, i had to clean up his mess.

Today’s Ups:
– Mango did not throw up at all being driven around all afternoon, including several trips in the sling bag.
– Mango was able to pee in the parking lot behind Smelly’s condo. At least we know he does not need a grassy area to pee. Our trainer told me to avoid any public grassy area until Mango has his second shot.
– Mango managed to take three dumps today. That’s a record.
– Mango was able to sit a few times without any treat when i was training him this morning.

Today’s Downs:
– Mango peed three times indoor. I was partially to blame since i did not follow the trainer’s instructions.
– He’s still getting way too much attention on the streets. It is impossible to go anywhere without some girls coming up to me trying to pat him (not me).


VictoriaJuly 25th, 2008 at 10:29

Oh no! Poor mango!

ktulaJuly 25th, 2008 at 13:19

Poor mango? Poor me!!! I was the one having to do all the clean up! πŸ™‚

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