It took him more than two days…

… but Mango finally pooped! It took what seemed like forever for Mango to finally pee while on leash. At exactly 1805, after peeing in my already trampled garlic chives, Mango went to his usual peeing spot and unloaded.

Yesterday, i voiced my concern to the trainer Diane as nothing was coming out of the tail end of Mango. She returned my call this morning and told me that it may take a few more days for him to get used to his environment. At the breeder’s place, Mango had tons of space to roam around. I have a very tiny yard so it may take longer for Mango to digest his food.

I took today off from work because i worked about two weekends ago for a scheduled downtime event. I spent most of the day trying to get Mango used to the leash in the backyard without much success. For some reason, he just does not like being put on leash in the backyard. He has no problem when i took him for a small walk in the parking lot. I spent most of the day trying to train Mango to sit. Out of about sixty tries, using bits and pieces of chicken jerky as treat, Mango only managed to sit down twice when i tried it without offering him any treat.

This afternoon, i took Mango for a walk to the nearby Petco to get him a dog tag. Mango did really well while on leash until we arrived at the spot directly across from the Velvet Foam. He refused to move forward so i dropped him in the dog carrier bag that Smelly bought yesterday from Railey’s leash & treat in Fremont. On our way back, i let Mango out of the bag and put him back on leash. We were able to walk back without Mango pulling and tugging at the leash.

When we got home, after Mango drank some water, i took him to the backyard on leash. But again, he was pulling and tugging at the leash, screaming and whining like a pig being slaughtered. I took him back inside since it was dinner time for him, i fed him the usual. He ate about half of his dinner and after a sip of water, i decided to take him outside again. This time round, Mango did not throw up as much resistance as before. He led me to the patch of garlic chives and peed there. I managed to repeat “go pee” several times. I thought he was done after that. He tried to dive into the corner behind the pot of different types of mint but i held on to the leash. He made two failed attempts before heading over to the usual peeing spot.

It was then i heard what sounded like a wet fart. And there it was, two of the happiest turd that i have ever seen came crawling out of his butt!

Today’s success stories:
– Mango pooed for the first time since i picked him up on Saturday morning.
– Mango signaled to us that he wanted to pee and when we took him to the backyard, he peed immediately. Twice.
– I was able to take him for a relatively longer walk on leash without him giving me too much trouble.
– Mango finally conquered his fear of the area past the living room. I fed him dinner in the kitchen and i didn’t even have to carry him there. I think the two walks we did today helped.
– Mango did not finish his dinner the first time time but after pooping, he went back for seconds.
– He showed no fear and played with his new tunnel toy that we bought from Ikea.

Mango emerged from one end of the tunnel toy.

Mango with his new tunnel toy from Ikea.

Mango resting after playing with his new tunnel toy.

Things to work on:
– To make Mango sit on command.
– To get him used to being crated for about two hours each time.

With Mango’s first success in pooping, there will also be another first for me. Now i have to go clean up what he left behind, picking up poo for the first time in my life.

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