No more mucking around with Vista

I was pretty excited when i found out that it was possible to stream Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” movies to Xbox 360 and have them played on the TV. The catch is a unfortunate requirement for Windows Vista. After picking up a copy of Windows Vista Home Premium edition purchased courtesy of my sis’s employee discount, i installed it as a VMWare Fusion’s virtual machine, running under Mac OS X Leopard. I had little difficulty streaming Netflix’s WatchNow movies to the virtualized Vista environment though at full screen, the playback was anything but smooth. The biggest problem was Windows Media Center refused to play any video media. It does not seem to support VMWare’s virtual video adapter. So after spending close to two days trying to set it up and also troubleshooting it, i gave up.

This morning, i read an announcement made at E3 that some time this fall, it will be possible to watch some Netflix movies on demand on Xbox 360, without the need for Windows Vista! Yes!!! Adios Vista!

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