Poop corn

I normally do not like to do #2 at work. But when you gotta go, you gotta go. Today at work was no different. I had a strong urge to go after finishing my chicken McNuggets meal from McDonald’s. With at least two more hours to go before i could leave for home, there was simply no way i could hold. In other words, the dam was just about to burst, the floodgate was just about to break wide open.

After going through the usual ritual of wiping the seat and putting down a piece of toilet seat paper cover, i sat down. It was then i realized something that was utterly out of the ordinary. I thought i had seen everything that one could possibly or would ever want to see in a restroom. But on the floor in front of me about a foot away from the toilet was a pop corn!!!

Pop corn found on floor in restroom stall.
Blurry picture of the pop corn in the restroom stall. Consider the circumstance that i was in, it is actually quite decent.

While i was doing my business, i was also multi-tasking in trying figure out how the hell the pop corn got there in the first place. Why would someone bring pop corns into a restroom? Worse, why would that person be bringing pop corns into the stall? I was going through various scenarios in my head, none of which made any sense to me, as one who simply cannot fathom the thought of bringing food into a semi-public restroom.

I came up with the following two “probable” scenarios:

Scenario #1
He was eating his oven-fresh pop corns when an unforeseen bowel disaster struck. He could not leave his bag of mouth-watering pop corns on his desk since some uninvited co-workers might take advantage of his temporary absence and help themselves with the unattended pop corns. So he took his bag of pop corns into one of the restroom stalls. One of the pop corns accidentally fell off from the bag in his haste to unload some serious gravy.

Scenario #2
He made the pop corns with full intention of eating them when he was pinching a loaf. While he was releasing the chocolate hostages and munching on the pop corns at the same time, one of the pop corns fell out of the bag. When that happened, i am very curious to know if he actually contemplated with applying the five-second rule.

As much as i ponder upon scenarios after scenarios, i still can’t find answer to the question: Why?


mmJuly 9th, 2008 at 22:54

You are too bored.

You should focus on your own “business”. πŸ™‚

GeraldineJuly 10th, 2008 at 20:26

Lucky you saw this Poop corn and not any other unidentified stuff on the floor.Location must be fairly “nice smelling” to try eating popcorn within. Maybe popcorn vendor just leaving
traces of his presence. CSI!

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