The moment has arrived

For the past 11 years or so, my jobs required me to constantly travel.  I had never taken a bus to work.  Early this year, i switched to a non-traveling job but i was still driving to work.  I wanted to take the public transportation to work but it was just too much hassle.  To get to work, i would have to take two transfers on three different buses.  If i don’t miss any of the connecting buses, it would take me at least 90 minutes.  Even when i drive my car to work, i have to leave my car at the parking lot in Magnuson Park – leased from the city by my employer – and then hop on a shuttle bus that drops me off about ten blocks away.  My work location has a parking lot but since the parking spaces is limited, the spots are assigned by “seniority”.  From what i found out recently, the next available spot will go to someone who has been here since the middle of 2005.

On 6/30, my employer started a GreenLine shuttle service that runs every 15 minutes from Pacific Place to where i work in Sand Point.  I greeted this news with great excitement because for the longest time, it really bothered me that i could not take the public transportation to work even though i am working in the same city where i live.  This morning, i took Metro bus 54 from West Seattle to downtown.  Then i walked about three blocks, waited several minutes and got on the GreenLine shuttle bus.  The journey from home to work took a little more than one hour, which is just about the same amount of time that it takes me to drive to work on a day with bad traffic.  I was listening to music, checking my email, surfing the web on my iPhone throughout the commute.  In fact, i managed to catch some Zs on the shuttle bus!  Now, with gasoline prices at all time high, this shuttle service could not have come at a better moment.  It not only keeps some of the gasoline money in my pocket, it saves me from having to deal with the horrendous Seattle traffic!

Life is great!

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