Mariners finally won

No, the Mariners did not beat any major league baseball teams.  They are still the worst baseball team in the majors with record of 25 – 47.  But the Mariners did one up on a group of Mariners fan calling themselves “Baghead Nation”.  Apparently , some disgruntled Mariners fans started speculating in the comment section of Geoff Baker’s Mariners Blog to make what was supposed to be a nationally televised game on July 19th a paperbag night.  The idea was for Mariners fans to attend that game wearing paper bags over their heads, to show that they are too ashamed to be seen watching the Mariners play.

Evidently, the Mariners got wind of this situation and decided to not televise the July 19th game on Fox.  In fact, this game will not even be shown on the local FSN station.  Geoff Baker was nice enough to leave a note for members of the “Baghead Nation”:

ADDITIONAL NOTE: To members of “Baghead Nation” who frequent this site, please be advised that the Mariners have announced that the July 19 home game will no longer be televisised nationally. Nor locally. No television at all. Thought you might be interested.

So the score for now, the Seattle Mariners 1 – Baghead Nation 0.

Update: The Mariners just announced the firing of manager John McClaren.

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