The culture of losing

Update: The Mariners were beaten 6 – 2 by the Nationals.

Update: Throughout this season gone horribly wrong for the Mariners, Seattle Times’ Geoff Baker has written some deservingly critical posts on the Mariners organization. In his latest post, he wrote about who’s going to be dumped in the next round of firing.

I am taking a break on my bike ride from Gas Work Park to Woodinville. I have just checked the score of the last game of the series between the Mariners and the Washington Nationals. So how bad and how pathetic are the Seattle Mariners? The Mariners are in danger of being swept at home by the worst team in the National League, four runs down in the bottom of the 9th inning.

Several weeks ago, I wrongly predicted the firings of manager John McClaren and GM Bill Bavasi. They are still holding on to their jobs. The only firing that Mariners did was to let go of the sacrificial hitting coach Jeff Pentland. One of the many players that should have been released – Richie Sexson – is still playing, just as badly as before. The past two games with bases loaded and no out, Richie struck out and the Mariners could not even get a single run home.

This 2008 team is the most over-rated and the most under-achieved team among all the past Mariners teams. It may not be sufficient to just let all the coaching staff and all of the front office go, the current core of players must be traded or released since they are all accustomed to the culture of losing. They do not know how to play as a team to win. In this fire sale, no single player, including the popular Ichiro, should be under the illusion that they are allowed to stay unless they are able to commit to playing as a team to win.

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