Bring out your whopping sticks, the Mariners are in town!

Teams in the American League must be dying to play against the Mariners. Prior to hosting the Mariners, the AL Central basement dweller Detroit Tigers had lost 12 of the previous 15 games they played. During three games in which they swept Mariners, the Tigers outscored the Mariners 30 – 14.

On a 5-game losing streak? Fear not, a dose of the Mariners is a sure-fire way to end it. The Mariners have just finished playing the first game against New York Yankees, owners of the worst record in the AL East. The score is 13 – 2. No points for guessing which team scored 13 runs.

When it rains, it pours. For the past 4 games, the Mariners have been pounded like a piñata on a Mexican boy’s 8th birthday, giving up on average more than 10 runs a game. They are making all their opposing pitchers look like potential Cy Young winners. Against Andy Pettite, a pitcher who had a personal four-game losing streak, the Mariners scored a measly two runs, again, for the 17th time this season.

This is beyond embarrassment. The Mariners have not only embarrassed themselves on the field. They have embarrassed their fans as well. If you are still holding on to any hope that the Mariners will make playoffs this year, the past four games should have completely obliterated it.

My prediction: Manager John McClaren will be fired next week. That will soon be followed by General Manager Bill Bavasi after the June draft. If there is any shred of shame and self-respect left in McClaren and Bavasi, they should resign immediately.

Paper bag night, anyone?

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I’m not easily impressed but you’ve done it with that posting.

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