The worst team in baseball

It’s official. The Seattle Mariners are now owner of the worst record in the Major League Baseball. Losing 12 of the last 14 games while scoring only 2 runs or less in 9 of the past 13 games sank the Mariners right to the bottom. And unfortunately, there does not appear to be an end in sight.

For several weeks, when the Mariners’ starters were going into late innings keeping the scores close, but the Mariners’ batters could not hit even if softballs were thrown at them. And just when the batters were starting to hit a few games ago, all of a sudden the pitchers could not find the strike zone. In the painful 12-13 loss to the Texas Rangers two nights ago, the Mariners’ pitchers walked 13 batters!!! In last night’s game, the Mariners’ pitchers “only” walked 6 batters. The 4 errors committed did not help the situation either, with two of the errors resulting in runs scored. The Mariners have so far committed 31 errors, second most in the league.

With a payroll at 117 million dollars, the 9th highest payroll in the major league, each of the 15 wins this season costs 7.8 million dollars. In comparison, the Florida Marlins have a payroll of 21 million dollars and they are sitting on top of the NL East with a record of 23 – 16. Even the Tampa Bay Rays, with a payroll that is slightly more than a third of the Mariners’, is atop the AL East.

As a Mariners’ fan since 1995, this season has been the toughest to stomach.

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