If war is what you want, war is what you shall get


Several days ago, i discovered that leaves on most of the onion planted by Smelly, were showing signs of being eaten by slugs. They were in a pretty bad shape. Last season, they pretty much decimated Smelly’s pot-grown sweet basil. For some strange reason, they left the two other pots with Thai basil alone.

So today, i stopped by at the Home Depot on my way home and bought myself two types of slug-controlling products. One is a more environmentally friendlier material with iron phosphate as the active ingredient. According to the instructions, after the slugs have eaten some of the pellets, they will stop eating for several days and then they will die. The second product is what i would consider the nuclear option. It is Methaldyhde-based and it is probably extremely toxic if swallowed. Nuking the slugs is probably the last straw for me. After arriving home, i sprinkled the iron phosphate-based pellets all around the slug-infested area.

Several minutes ago, i took a flashlight and went to the backyard to check on the plants. Several of the slugs were munching on the leaves, instead of eating the tasty pellets! I was very very tempted to go nuclear at that moment. But a cooler head prevailed. Serenity now.. serenity now…

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SmellyMay 4th, 2008 at 19:07

To be clear, these are ornamental onions called Allium rosenbachianum. Please don’t expect to eat them at the end of the season. πŸ˜›

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