Total flight miles for 2007

After an off year in 2006, during which i traveled 53,490 flight miles on 43 flights, i broke my highest flight miles record (141,871 miles in 2003). In 2007, i traveled 161,372 flight miles on 120 flights. By mid July last year, i already achieved the Platinum elite status on Northwest Airlines.

In 2007, i flew into the following cities:
Phoenix (2x), Detroit (38x), San Francisco (2x), San Jose (1x), Minneapolis (12x), Boston (2x), Providence (23x), Newark (1x), Narita (2x), Singapore (2x), Taipei (1x), Johor Bahru (1x), Kuala Lumpur (1x) and Seattle (32x).

I am currently on my last business trip for IBM. In about a week and a half, i will be starting my new job which requires no travel.

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