Xbox 360 is back


I got my Xbox 360 back today. Pretty decent turn around time. I shipped it via UPS on January 2nd and it is now back in my possession after 8 days.

Looks like instead of replacing the noisy DVD drive, Microsoft just gave me a replacement console. After connecting it to the power outlet and my receiver, i turned it on. The console fan seemed a little louder than my old replacement console. The good thing is, the DVD drive no longer gives a crunching scratching noise. One thing i noticed about my Perfect Dark Zero game disc is that on the outer edge, it appeared that the DVD drive in my old 360 console had pretty much scratched off the coating!

I tested connecting the Toshiba gigabeat S to the USB port on the Xbox 360. Xbox 360 recognized it immediately and it shows up under music as “Portable Media Device”. Even though i could see four folders – playlists, music, videos and photos – only the songs in the music folder were usable.

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