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Why can’t i find out the status of my Xbox 360 repair online? Why do i have to call the support number and talk to a live person to do that? I assume, most likely correctly, that most Xbox 360 owners have internet access. By enabling Xbox 360 owners the ability to check the status of their console online, it will actually save Microsoft a lot of money by freeing up the phone support personnel to deal just with troubleshooting issues. I expect the following things that you should be able to find online about your console:

  • To track the delivery of the console to and from the repair center. Since the UPS shipping label, including the tracking number, for shiping the console back to Microsoft is included in the box, this tracking number is already known to MS. Why do i have to provide this tracking number to the support personnel when obviously it is already known to them?
  • To check the status of the repair. Has the console arrived at the repair center? Has the problem identified by the console owner been replicated? What repair work is done to the console? When is the ETA for the completion of the repair? When is the console expected to be shipped back to its owner?

As recent as 6 months ago, the Xbox 360 support website contained a live online support via a chat window. The number of things that chat support could do was very limited. Other than giving out some basic troubleshooting steps, it was not able to do much except referring the users to contact the Xbox support via phone. Why not expand on the live chat support? For some unknown reason, the support website no longer has the option for a live chat support.

Update 1/7/2006
If you provide your email address to Xbox support, they do send you an email when they are shipping your console back to you.

Update 8/6/2007
After more than one and a half years since i contacted Microsoft support for my Xbox 360, Microsoft has finally set up a website to do what i told them that they should have long ago.

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