This is what my Xbox 360 sounds like

Ever since i received my replacement Xbox 360 console from Microsoft, the noise from using the DVD drive has been unbearable. Unless i turn up the volume when playing a game, the noisy drive is extremely distracting. Watching a DVD using Xbox 360? With the amount of noise coming out of that piece of crap, you can forget it.

Compare the ambient noise with the one when the Xbox 360 DVD drive is engaged:

Ambient noise:
Ambient noise

Xbox 360 DVD drive:
DVD drive on Xbox 360

Because of this noisy drive, my Xbox 360 has been collecting dust for the last few 5 months. I didn’t want to send my Xbox 360 back to Microsoft because it’s past its 90-day warranty period. So this recent announcement from Microsoft in extending the warranty from 90 days to a year is a welcome news for me. Needless to say, the first thing i did after reading this news was to contact Microsoft. My Xbox 360 is going back to Microsoft.

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