Back in Beijing

I am back in Beijing. This is my first business trip since i started working at Availant less than 3 months ago. I am feeling excited and yet at the same time, a little nervous. The nervousness probably arises from the fact that i am representing Availant in front of a customer for the first time. This is almost the same feeling i had when i first went on a high availability implementation project in my previous job.

I was in Beijing back in July for about a week. That was my first ever trip to China. Now i am back again, though the weather is on the other extreme end now. Back in July, it was very hot and daily temperature was around the 90s (Fahrenheit). Last week, the average daily temperature in Beijing was in the 20s (Fahrenheit).

I am glad the Beijing Shangri-la has complimentary high-speed internet because i really do not like paying RMB 120 a night like what i did in July when i was staying at the Shanghai Hilton and the Pudong Renaissance.

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