Flashing Audi A8s

On my way back from the Great Wall, i saw an incoming a Audi A8L that was flashing what i call “cop lights” (similar to those unmarked police cruisers in the US) and blaring its siren. I thought the police department here must be pretty well off to be able to drive Audi A8s as their cruisers! Later near the Beijing train station, i saw yet another Audi A8 doing the exact same thing. Later, i found out from the tattoo artist that these vehicles are not police cruisers. These vehicles are actually for high-ranking officials in the government. They are built with flashing lights and sirens just so the drivers of these vehicles can clear the traffic. But seeing how the normal drivers here react to an exact police cruiser that had its “christmas lights” on, i have to say that they probably do not work. From what i have seen, drivers here do not give way to emergency vehicles. They really don’t give a rat’s ass about emergency vehicles at all.

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