Day Nine – Beijing

Since i was going back to Shanghai in the evening, i did not plan any excursions today. I went to the Oriental Shopping mall again at Wangfujing Road. Bought some pretty cool-looking shirts – my only purchase in China so far. While i was there, i made my third visit to Starbucks. It’s funny because i have never bought anything from Starbucks in the US, even though Seattle is literally lined with Starbucks. And now that i am in China, i have already gone to and bought drinks from three Starbucks. So far, i have tried the green tea iced Frappuccino. I have never acquired the taste for coffee but this drink is really good. Somehow i think Starbucks is probably not catering to most of the Beijing population. A tall size of green tea Frappuccino costs RMB 29 and that is about two meals for most people.

Rant and Rave
At around 1800, i walked to the Beijing train station. There was already a line waiting at the gate to the express train to Shanghai. At round 1830, the gate opened. Again, there was this mad dash to the train. I don’t get it. Everyone has an assigned bed, and it really does not make any difference if you get there early or late. This is one of the things that drives me insane. Another is when people are boarding the subway. For the longest time, i have known that it’s more efficient to let the departing passengers get off the subway before boarding it. But most people here (both in Beijing and Shanghai) don’t seem to know that. All they care about is to get on the freaking subway regardless if there are passengers trying to get off the subway. Just yesterday, i was lining up to get my ticket back to Shanghai. This guy behind me was standing a little too close for my comfort. He kept looking over my shoulder at the direction of the ticket booth. I really don’t understand it. It did not help him one bit by constantly looking over my shoulder to see what the ticket agent was doing. I have no clue what the hell he was thinking. In the end, i had to stare at him and asked him if there was anything that i could do to help him before he backed away a little. I have enjoyed my trip so much but it is little things like these that drive me crazy. I don’t think i can live in Beijing or Shanghai for another week!

On my return trip in the express train to Shanghai, i was sharing my cabin with a pretty girl (Sammy) from Haerbin (哈尔滨). She was quite friendly and told me about her desire to be a fashion designer in Paris.

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