Courtesy flush

Day 6 – Beijing (evening)

Ok, i finally had to go, for #2 that is. Because the stall was extremely narrow and small, it took me a quite a bit of time and effort, while trying to avoid the UFOs (Unindentified Foreign Objects) on the floor, to get myself in position. Just when i was ready to proceed with my “business”, someone came into the stall next to mine. Without going into all the graphic details, i could hear that he was unleashing some significant load. Oh yeah, for a while, he was making this grunting noise, which was followed by this sigh of relief. Really, i wanted to ask him to do a courtesy flush, as i would have done if i was making some serious brownies. But since most of the people in the hostel are not from the US, and it was very likely that the person at the next stall was not an American, and that he would not have known what “courtesy flush” is all about.

So my question is: Is there such a thing called “courtesy flush” in other cultures? Is it customary to perform one in a shared restroom? How do you say “courtesy flush” in Chinese, German, Korean or French?

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