Day Five – Beijing (evening)

The night before, i met a French guy (Regis) at the internet cafe. I must have left a pretty good impression on Regis as he and his girlfriend Maub (spelling?) invited me over early evening for some foie gras and Sauternes ! Prior to this, i had never had a foie gras before and i was never really a big fan of chicken liver or duck liver. But i have to admit, after eating a slice of foie gras on bread, i felt like i was in heaven. Regis also offered me slices of a very tasty sausage from his home town near Paris.

After our little “picnic”, they took me to a Chinese restaurant near the hostel. When i first looked at the menu, i realized that everything was in Chinese. I was just wondering how they were able to order things from the menu when i saw them reading a chinese cookbook. Apparently, the chinese cookbook has some pictures and basically they have been ordering food from the cookbook! One of their favorite was the sweet and sour pork. Because the recipe for the dish in the cookbook uses chicken instead of pork, and that Maub does not eat anything that is related to chicken, so when Regis first ordered this dish, he had to draw the picture of a pig 😀

We met Desiree (from Switzerland) near the hostel. We all decided to go to a well-known bar area in Beijing called Sanlitun (三里屯). This area looked just like the Clark Quay bar/restaurant area in Singapore. If you are sitting outdoor, there are people constantly harrassing you to buy stuff. We had to say “no” multiple times to get our points across. I don’t find this area as cool as described in most travel guides so i guess this is probably my first and last time there.

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