Day Five – Beijing

Today is more like a day for running errands than a “touristy” day. After checking out of the New World Courtyard, i took the subway to the Beijing Railway Station Stop. Because i was still too early to check in at the City Central Youth Hostel, i went up to the cafetaria on the second floor and ordered myself a Beijing dish – thin pork slices with Beijing sauce (京醬肉絲). It was very very good and it only cost me RMB 22.

When i finally checked into my room, after waiting in line at the front desk for the really inefficient receptionists, it was already close to 1300. Since i did not have any Cat 5 ethernet cable and there was a Cat 5 jack in my room, i decided to get myself a patch cable. Back in Seattle, or anywhere in the US, i will know exactly where to go get it. But here in Beijing, no one at the hostel seemed to know what i was talking about. The “concierge” gave me a place to go to, even though she has never been there before, and told me to take the subway to Dong-si-shi-tiao (東四十條路) stop. Of course, just like the directions i received the day before to the Confucius temple, her directions failed me miserably. There was absolutely nothing around the subway stop she told me to get off. So i ran back to the subway station to get back to the hostel.

By the way, the subway stations in Beijing are not exactly air-conditioned. The only “air-conditioned” moment at the subway stations is when the subway train pulls into the station, bringing with it a slight breeze to those standing near the tracks. Ok ok…enough whining about the subway stations in Beijing. Any more complains about the Beijing subway stations and i will most likely get a comment from smelly asking me if i want “some cheese with go with that whine” 😀

Anyway, when i finally got back to the hostel, i went up to the internet cafe and asked one of the staff working there. I should have done this in the beginning, instead of asking the “concierge” who has never been to any of the great wall tours offered by the hostel and yet was able to say which one of the Great Wall tour was better ! After finding out where i could get my patch cable, i went straight for the mall. I located the patch cable at the New World shopping mall and it cost me RMB 10. Now i could finally get free internet in the comfort of my own room 🙂

Oh yeah, about my room. It really brings back the memories i have during my first year in college when i was living in the dormitory. I am paying RMB 160 for my room, and even though there are two beds in my room, i have been promised that i would be the only person staying in that room. Because of the cheaper rate, i don’t have a private bath in my room. When i went to check out the shared bathroom, i had to wonder how i made it through my dormitory days back in college. None of the urinals are working. There are 4 stalls in each shared bathroom – two labeled “Western style” and two labeled “chinese style”. And they all don’t smell too good. If there is one thing i don’t like about this hostel, this is it. I think i can hold on to “it” for another day but i don’t know if i will be able to do it much longer. May be i should just find a nice hotel nearby and get my “business” over with :D.

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SmellyJuly 31st, 2005 at 13:23

Don’t hold “it” for too long. “It” gets harder and harder as you hold on to it. And before you know it, “it” owns you by the balls!

Haa Haa Haa….

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