Day Three – Shanghai (in express train to Beijing)

2005-07-28 1835 (CST)

At around 1825, the gate to platform #1 was opened and there was this “mad” dash to board the train. I knew that i was supposed board the #6 train but i did not know what 06號上鋪 meant. After asking a fellow passenger, found out that it meant bunk bed number 6 (top). The cabin is extremely clean, to my surprise. I think i just might take the same train back to Shanghai when i am done with Beijing. Each cabin fits four people. The people riding in the same cabin as me were going to Shang-xi (山西) to visit some relatives. Oh yeah, i am the lone representative of the male species in the cabin. I hope my fellow female cabin mates can handle my occasional snoring. If not, oh well 😀

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