Day Two – Shanghai (evening)

I was so sleepy early last night, so i did not update this blog.

Yesterday afternoon, i dragged my ass out of the comfort of the hotel room to head toward the train station, which was only about a block or two away. It was around 1645 but it was still extremely warm and humid. At the train station, there were tons of people. Even though it seemed chaotic at times, most people were actually following the proper rules of lining up for their tickets. I went to the only booth where the electronic sign said “bilingual window” (雙語窗), in chinese. It didn’t appear odd to me until i realized that if you can’t read chinese, how the hell in the world are you going to know what 雙語 means? Unless 雙語 means the local Shanghai dialect and mandarin, but that did not seem very likely.

After waiting in line for about 15 minutes, i got myself a ticket on an express train to Beijing !!! Yes, Beijing, here i come 🙂 The train will depart Shanghai tonight (28th) at 1900 and it is supposed to have seats where you can sleep. Instead of the “3 hours” train ride to Beijing, as told by the hotel receptionist, it will take about 12 hours to get to Beijing. The train ticket costs me RMB 478. If the train ride turns out to be nightmarish, i am taking a flight back !

Last night, i went to the restaurant within my hotel. It’s called Shanghai Si-fu (上海食府). I ordered the “Lion Head soup” (獅子頭), some beans with pickled veggie (毛豆酸菜) and Eel strips with mushrooms (金牌鱔絲) for about RMB 70. They were all very good. Not sure if those dishes are local Shanghai delicacies – the waiter claimed they were.


benwJuly 28th, 2005 at 20:17

Nice, those dishes are famous local ones although it sounds like they have somewhat glorified names now. Wish I can be there eating too.

janetJuly 29th, 2005 at 00:26

I wonder what is considered local Beijing dishes?

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